Sunday, July 12, 2009

Miracle happens when you do not expect it

Now we know that little Chandler has a thanatophoric dysplasia. We still have a little hope that it is incorrect but also trying to be realistic and be prepared for the delivery. I am 28 weeks right now and I hope that I have another 12 weeks to go because it means that Chandler has 12 more weeks of life. I having horrible constant pain under my rib on the right side. It started few weeks ago and it was kindo come and go and now it is there all the time. The only time I do not feel the pain is when I am laying on my right side. So it is hard to be at work all day but I am trying as hard as I can. for my Chandler.

Tom and I built new house 3 years ago.
We sold our old house much faster than we planned, so for 8 months we were living with his father. Between moving from house to house I lost some jewelry my parents gave me as my Wedding gift 6 years ago. I was mad and upset on myself for it and lost any hope to see it again.

On July 3rd, I went to my favorite BJ's store to buy some grocery and to pay for next year membership. Lady at the service desk was very nice, while she was trying to find out how I can use my company's membership discount, she asked about me prior address of living. I confirmed that it's correct. To my surprise, she told me that she bought my house. I looked at her and realized that yes, I remember her. We started talking about the house, about old neighbors, local news. Then she told me that just few days ago she found this little jewelry box with earrings and the ring but she did not have my phone number. I could not believe it! "Green and white stones?", I asked. She confirmed!!

What an honest person! I came to her house next day and she gave me my jewelry plus it had a golden nickles I did not realize I was missing! I gave her a little gift certificate but she did not want to take , luckily she finally did. I told her how much this jewelry means to me, because it came from my parent from Russia. This Lady, her name is Branda, made me so happy that day! It also was a sign for me that everything is under God's control, and only God knows what is the best for Little Chandler, so I have to trust him!


  1. I have been meaning to comment on this for a while... How amazing that God chose to bless you in this way! If this isn't proof that God's hand touches every aspect of our lives, I don't know what is!

    How are you doing? You hanging in there alright? You've been on my mind... How did your ultrasounds go?

  2. This is so amazing!

    I've read through your blog and I'm so touched by your story, and your gorgeous baby.
    May God give you the strength to go on with life, even though it's incredibly hard.

    (I'm also originally from Russia, BTW.)