Monday, August 3, 2009

People are so wonderful!

As we go thru the pregnancy, knowing that we will have to say good-bye to our son Chandler as soon as he is born, we are meeting so many wonderful people!

Let me start from the beginning.

We have a great Children's hospital in Akron. This is the place where I go for all my appointments as a High Risk Pregnancy patient. As soon as I transferred there, we got introduced to so many people offering their help and support. We have a wonderful genetic counselor, who helps us with all arrangements and meeting right people. We work with nurses and doctors who are specializing on cases when babies are not going to survive after the birth, we have a hospice care people helping us. Actually hospice nurse is going to join me during my future doctor's appointments. They helped us to find a funeral home. My husband went there and the owner told him that they do not charge any money for services for children (how nice and thoughtful).

We were looking at different memorial stones to be prepared, but our nurse recommended us to meet with Memorials of Angels group. They are located here in Akron and serve Summit county only , but I am sure you can find somebody like this in your locations. What they do is they make Memorials for Children under 18 year old free of charge. Can you believe that? They understand how difficult it is to loose a child and how many expenses parents have to cover before they even can think about making a memorial stone. These people are great! My husband and I joined a walk they organized this Saturday. I was so surprised to see so many people, kids, few pregnant ladies just like me. There were no open discussion but I am sure everyone had a story why they came here. There were no tears, no sad faces, people came to celebrate the memories about their loved once. It was a great experience, and we are planning to support this charity for many, many years as much as we can, because here are the people who really care.

Tom and I were debating about taking professional pictures at the hospital. Thank you again to our support group at the hospital for introducing us to Now I lay me down to Sleep. They are doing a beautiful job taking pictures before and after the birth again as a donation. These people are available 24/7 and ready to help parents. Please check their website:

I just wanted to share with everyone who needs that there are people who are willing and will help!

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  1. My son was born and passed away June 25, 2009. He was diagnosed with Thanatophoric Dysplasia two days before he was born. My midwives called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep to come and take pictures of him. I'm am SO thankful they did. I had my camera, but the pictures the professional photographer took are amazing! I will cherish the images of him forever. You can see them and read his story at:
    Please know that you are in my prayers...