Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DNA Test Results

It took about 5-6 weeks for DNA test results to come back. During this time I had to have an ultrasound every 2 weeks. I had to switch from midwife to high risk pregnancy doctor. Our doctor was still very positive about the ultrasound, predicting achondroplasia, but genetic doctor still had a big concern. After about week 24 ultrasound, Chandler's limbs growth slowed down. During 2 weeks time period they grew up only by few days, so now we had a gap between body and limbs growth of 6-7 weeks, head was growing much faster, and was 4 weeks ahead. But doctor was still positive. I knew that something did not feel right, but Tom and I hoped that it is an achondroplasia, we are going to have a healthy little person. Baby's limbs are curved, but we knew that surgery can be done to fix it, so we were looking at his future very positively. My sister-in-law even decided to by a miniature horse so little Chandler could have a little horse.

I have looked at a lot of little people web sites, blogs, camp picture and I was already picturing us and little Chandler among these wonderful people. I have learned so much and I have opened my eyes on so many things I could never even think or guess about. How wonderful and special these people are. I will be honest, but I kindo was excited that our Chandler is going to be so special! Tom and I even took a wonderful trip to visit his family in Alabama. His sister went with us and three of us had a great time! Again I learned a lot from Tom's Aunt who owns a day care there about kids with special needs, that they can join regular day care and it made me even more excited.

But day when we had to find out our DNA test results finally came. Our genetic counselor and genetic doctor called me while I was at work. The first thing they said was if my husband is there. I knew exactly at this moment what results they are going to tell me.. It was a shock, end of the dreams, I could not stop crying. My boss was very nice and understanding, he even offered to take me home but I just wanted to be along, I called Tom, and he immediately left work to meet me at home.

I was trying to keep my emotions under control during my hour drive from work.. The only thing I wanted to do is to come home and close my eyes and be able to forget about it.. But how you can

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